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29 March, 2007


Interactive Map Itinerary

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16 February, 2007


The Wired Traveller

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I intend to get a photo of myself drinking a coffee in every city we visit. Sometimes I will even get video. I will post them here and possibly set up a site specifically for it, too. It will be fun!

To start off, here is a pic of Allyson drinking coffee overlooking Rio de Janeiro:

Allyson ejoying a cuppa atop Mt Corcovado

Thailess: Hong Kong the New Thailand

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Okay it looks like the Thailand trip is postponed for the time being. Both Allyson and I agreed that it would be difficult to carry our luggage around for that long. Natasha was okay with it too, so now we have worked out what we’re doing

We will be leaving on the 17th of July 2007. We’ll be flying Qantas with a three-night stopover in Hong Kong. We’re going to arrive in London on the 20th of July. So we’ll be there for four nights before leaving on our European tour.

The great thing about this is that our flights will be syncopated; we won’t be on as long a haul as when we flew to Buenos Aires.

From our brother (who has just become a travel agent), we bought return tickets that are valid for a year - so we will need to fly home before the 17th of July in ‘08. We also bought insurance for the year, which didn’t cost quite as much as I’d expected but still hurt the hip pocket. We’re down a lot of money now, so we (me in particular) need to find some more work in the next 5 months. Temp jobs are looking tempting (yay I made a pun!).

And our parents are now buying a house in the Illawarra, meaning we won’t be able to mooch any money off them. Nooo! It is fortunate, though, that they got a loan approval. Until recently we all thought Mum and Dad would end up in a housing commission because they didn’t own a house. Things are looking up all around!

17 January, 2007


Beatle Week

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Correct me if I’m wrong, Allyson, but I believe we have booked in for the Gold Anthology Package at Beatle Week. Here are the details:

Package 5
(The Gold Anthology Package)
Friday 24th, Saturday 25th, Sunday 26th and Monday 27th August 2007
Price includes 4 nights’ accommodation (Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday). Entrance to Beatles Solo Years at the Adelphi, Cavern 50th Anniversary Concert at the Carling Academy, Beatles at the Movies plus party at the Adelphi on Friday, LIPA auction and catalogue, Rain in concert, Penny Lane Festival (including return transport), Adelphi party on Saturday, Beatles Convention, Prellies Second All-Nighter, Mathew Street Festival, Merseybeat 800th Birthday Party, The Overtures Liverpool 800th Birthday Party, and Denny Lane at The Cavern Club on Tuesday.
Mulberry Court / Tudor Close (self catering)
Grand Central Unite
Thistle Hotel / Adelphi Hotel / Liner
£ 239 per person based on single occupancy
£ 259 per person based on single occupancy
£ 329 per person based on twin/double occupancy

Marked in red is the place we’re staying. Allyson thinks that we might have been the first to book. :)

Damn I’m excited!

In a side note, it looks like we may be getting a bit of a crowd when we go to Thailand in July. Can’t say much more right now.

21 December, 2006


The Beatels

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Hey everyone! A little while ago, we booked into Beatle Week in Liverpool. Today, a little birdie told us that The Beatels have been invited for next year. If they’re able to go, it will be awesome news for us, being practically Beatel groupies. We’re actually going to one of their shows on the 30th at the Vanguard. It nearly overdrew my bank account in the booking process, but I love them that much.

Musically, they’re really authentic. Their voices don’t sound a LOT like the Beatles, but they play the instruments well and sing well too. Their rendition of I Want You (She’s So Heavy) sounds SO MUCH like the real thing, it’s uncanny!!

13 December, 2006


Linking To Us

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Hey everyone, if you’re interested in linking to us, please use these banners:

I tried to give you the code to use, but for some lame reason WordPress doesn’t interpret PRE tags or textareas. So you’ll have to be web savvy to figure it out for yourself. You CAN direct link to the images so long as they are linking back to this site. :) Enjoy!



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We made the front cover of a magazine!SDA news mag!!

Sure it’s only the SDA news magazine, but it’s a magazine all the same.

From left: Allyson, Me (Natalie) and Natasha (who is coming to Thailand with us just before the Europe trip)!

7 December, 2006



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Well, we may be spending lots, but what we are getting is fairly cheap for what it is.

2 rucksacks and 2 sleeping bags cost us a total of $160 - if there hadn’t been a big sale at Paul’s Warehouse, just one of the rucksacks would’ve been $160.

Allyson models her new rucksack!We also bought ourselves a microfibre travel towel each, a couple of AU - UK power converters (we already had EU ones from when we went to Brazil - btw did you know Argentina uses the Australian power point shape??) of which we will probably buy a couple more, we got a Lonely Planet Europe phrase book, and “Let’s Go Britain (on a Budget) 2006“.

On the right, you can see Allyson modelling the rucksack, but you can’t really see it well because it’s black. Suffice to say, it fits the dimension regulations set by Contiki and should do us.

Other Things to Buy

  • Compression sacks (to make the sleeping bag and clothes smaller!)
  • Thermal underwear for winter in the UK!!
  • Camping clothesline / laundry bag

We’ll probably think of more as we get closer.

Ciao for now!

1 December, 2006



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Okay! We have now confirmed bookings for the camping trip for 24th July to 14th August, and we have also got confirmed accommodation and tickets to Beatle Week in Liverpool!!!

We also plan on going to Thailand during July, on our way to London. A flight from Bangkok to London is only $AU 600.

Allyson’s good friend Natasha will be joining us in Thailand. We’ll be going to Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai- well, that’s what Allyson says.

We had been planning on going to Greece first, but decided on Thailand because it’s cheap. We plan on going to Greece after Anzac Day, when we plan on going to Gallipoli, Turkey.

23 November, 2006


A Development

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Well, we’ve checked out the Contiki Tours website and decided on an extremely budget tour - CAMPING!! Click “read more” for the Itinerary.


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